About me

As COO, recruitment specialist and coach at Knack Konsulter & Rekrytering my job is to connect people in the creative industries with their dream gigs, and employers with the best talent out there. At Knack we work exclusively within the fields of marketing, communications and design.

I strive to work with people that, within their field, want to make the world a bit more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive. Are you one of them? Let’s talk

I’ve worked in communications all throughout my career. Previously a project manager and digital strategist making clients happy by making their customers happy. Through agile processes, facilitation and design thinking methods I was able to help create kick-ass digital services to make everyday life easier, better, more fun.

Someone once said

Working with Lotta is always a pleasure. She is devoted to detail without loosing focus of the big picture, making her ideal in a managing position. Each time Lotta manages to bring out the best in people making the entire team reach their full potential. Apart from being highly competent she has a very humane side to her, making her a key member of a group’s well being. A good listener and a great coach. 

Lotta is super smooth to deal with, both on a professional and on a personal level. She is a die hard project leader with an eye for details, without loosing the human touch and empathy. To Lotta good project results counts in both delivery and wellbeing, that to me is a perfect combination.

I am

More intellectual than witty
More fall than summer
More left than right
More feminist than traditionalist
More drama than reality

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